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Anti-Hemorrhoids Suppository (Rong Chang Gang Tai) Hemorrhoids Pain Curing

Effect of the drug:relieves burning and itching,stops bleeding,analgesic,It has an antibacterial eff..


Besunyen (Bishengyuan) Slimming Tea 25 tea bags / box

Information of Besunyen Slimming Tea:   It is made with traditional Chinese herbal essence..


Buy Tibet Dajin Pills from China - for gastrointestinal tract
Buy Weight Loss Granules - "Jiang Zhuo Kelly" from China

Section: Weight Loss Productsappointment:Lose weightPackage: 12 bags, 3g.Description:Ingredients: ha..


Capsules from constipation "Mazhen Zhuantszyaonan" (Maren Ruanjiaonang)

Product description:Effect of the drug: relaxes the bowels and normalizes the stools.Indications: Us..


Capsules purified aloe "Fufaev loiu" (Fufang Luhui jiaonang)

Product description:Effect of the drug:stimulates intestinal peristalsis,relax the bowels and normal..


Chinese magic belt "Shengun Yuantsi Give 505" (505 Pai Shengong Yuanqi Dai) on the navel

Product description:Effect of the drug:strengthens the spleen and kidney tonic,It helps restore vita..


Granules "Veytay" (Sanjiu Weitai Keli) 999 for the treatment of chronic gastritis and other gastrointestinal diseases

Product description:Effect of the drug:analgesic,astringent,antispasmodic,antiseptic,eliminates hear..


Mayinglong Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream 20g

Description: Ointment for hemorrhoids is effective in strong, hard running and flowing disease. Reli..


Pills "diyu Huaytszyao" (Diyu Huaijiao Wan) for the treatment of hemorrhoids

Product description:Effect of the drug:inflammatory,hemostatic,analgesic,laxative,increases peristal..


Pills heavenly queen to fill the hearts of "Tyanvan beads" (Tianwang Buxin Wan)

Product description:Effect of the drug:improves myocardial nutrition,It stimulates blood circulation..


Plaster-tablet "Antigemorus" (ANTI-HEMORRHOIDS)

Description of the preparation:Effect of the drug:Revitalizes the blood, cooling and stopping bleedi..


Protivogemorroynyh / varicose ointment "Ruan Xiao Zhi Gao" (Xiaozhi Ruangao) company 999

Product description:5g*2tubes/boxEffect of the drug:hemostatic,anti,bactericidal,analgesic,cooling a..


Stomach Qi Pills "Bu Zhong and Wang Qi" (Buzhong Yiqi Wan)

Product description:Effect of the drug:It possesses anti-inflammatory action,regulates the gastroint..


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