• Pills heavenly queen to fill the hearts of "Tyanvan beads" (Tianwang Buxin Wan)

Pills heavenly queen to fill the hearts of "Tyanvan beads" (Tianwang Buxin Wan)

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Product description:

Effect of the drug:

improves myocardial nutrition,

It stimulates blood circulation,

It regulates central nervous system,

It enhances the activity of brain cells.

Indications for use:


vascular dystonia,

cardiac neurosis,





senile pruritus,


insomnia and drowsiness,

chronic hepatitis,

climacteric syndrome,

ulcerative stomatitis.

Ingredients: melkovolosisty AIR cereal, mushroom Fuling, Chinese magnolia, Liriope zlakovidnoe, root of asparagus, Rehmanniae adhesive, norichnik Oldgema, dried roots shirokokolokolchika large-dried roots istoda, glitserretinovaya acid, jujube kernel, cinnabar.

Mode of application:

for oral administration,

30 minutes before or 1 hour after meal with warm boiled water on the ½-1 pill 2 times per day, or on doctor's orders.

Contraindications: not identified.

Side effects: not identified.

Storage: Keep in a tightly closed container.

Tags: Improving the functioning of the brain, the central nervous system | Diseases of the cardiovascular system | Treatment of urogenital system | thyroid medication | Treatment of skin diseases |

Pills heavenly queen to fill the hearts of "Tyanvan beads" (Tianwang Buxin Wan) - Chinese pills based on the recipe of TCM.

The recipe of this tool is described in the treatise "De Xiao Shi and Fan", written by Wei and Lin in the era of the Yuan Dynasty.

Action from the perspective of TCM. Nourishes Yin and Blood. It strengthens the heart. It calms the spirit. It is used when the background of a lack of Yin and Blood in Heart and Kidney yin lack of fire is born of concern of the Spirit.

Symptoms: palpitations, insomnia, an abundance of dreams, mental anxiety, dizziness and ripples in the eyes, fatigue, forgetfulness, constipation, nocturnal emission, dry mouth, burning sensation in the hands, sores in the mouth and on the tongue. Tongue is red, especially the tip, a little plaque. Pulse thinnest part.

Characteristics of the product: great pills with honey brown-black; They have a slight odor and a bitter, slightly sweet taste.

Shelf life: 36 months.

The current standard of "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" 2010

Ratification number: medical license Z23050273.

Manufacturer: Pharmaceutical Factory "Shiitan" "Hayao" group of China, Harbin, Daoli district, st. Duck 18.

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