External use for bruise

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1 Bottle Yunnan Baiyao Powder 4g/bottle

Widely used everywhere in China, Yunnan Baiyao is one of the miracles of Traditional Chinese Medicin..


1 Box Yunnan Baiyao Powder 4g * 6 bottles

Widely used everywhere in China, Yunnan Baiyao is one of the miracles of Traditional Chinese ..


2 Boxes of Yunnan Baiyao Plaster for Bruises and Contusions

Effect of the drug:activates blood circulation,resolves hematoma,antitumor,analgesic,antirheumati..


5 Boxes of Tianhe Medical patch Chzhuyfen Gao (Tianhe Zhuifeng Gao) analgesic, anti-inflammatory

Medical plasters Tianhe Chzhuyfen Gao. (Tianhe Zhuifeng Gao) analgesic, anti-inflammatoryDescription..


Biten Shukan (Biting Shukang) Capsules Arthritis Painkillers Dong Chuntsao Tsyuanse

This product is manufactured under the concept of "Yao Shi Tong Yuan", which states that medicines a..


Tianhe Gu Tong Tie Gao Plaster Invigorate Blood and Relieve Pain

Action for:It increases blood circulation in the affected joint;improves local metabolism;restores j..


Tianhe Shangshi Zhitong Gao

Shangshi Zhitong Gao used for rheumatism, joint pain, muscle pain, neuralgia, spinal lumbar pain,..


Tianhe Shexiang Zhuanggu Gao/Musk Bone-building Plaster

Packing: 5 patches in one bag, 2 bags per box.Description: Elastic Band-Aid color light yellow, with..


10 Packs PEIDU Bone-building Musk Herbal Plaster for Musk Analgestic, Pain Relief Plaster

Ingredients: Musk Armbrette, Radix Aconiti Kusnezoffii, Radix Aconiti, Olibanum, Myrrha, Semen Stryc..


Antirheumatic patch "Shangshi Zhitong" (Shangshi Zhitong Gao)

Product description:Indications for use:strong antirheumatic,analgesic,stimulating blood circulation..


Buy powdered sanqi - natural aspirin from China

Chapter: Traditional Chinese Medicineappointment:Liver, liver therapyImmunityHypertensiongastrointes..


Capsules for the joints "Ushaoshe" (Chinese rat snake)

Product description:Indications for use:rheumatism,rheumatoid syndromecervical spondylosis,frozen sh..


Infrared patch "Liao Qi" firm Jingukang

Product description:Effect of the drug:It cleans and activates the meridians and collaterals,elimina..


Lingrui Tiger Balm Musk Analgesic Musk Bone-building Plaster (10 patches / bag)

Act:Influences in rheumatism;Blood quickens;relieves pain;It recommended for joint, lumbar and rheum..


Patch anti "Guangji Zhitong" (Guanjie Zhitong)

Product description:Effect of the drug:anti-inflammatoryanalgesicIt promotes vasodilatation (increas..


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