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Anti-dandruff shampoo with ketoconazole 1% "Tunkantszo" (Tongkangzuo Xiji) TPIATOP

Product description:Effect of the drug:antibacterial,antifungal.Indications: dandruff, skin peeling,..


Antibacterial ointment "Tyanfuzhen Tsaoben" (Tianfuren Caoben Rugao)

Product description:Effect of the drug: it destroys Staphylococcus aureus, candida white (mold fungu..


Buy "Chunsha Powder" - Black tailed snake from China

Category: natural products and dry goodsappointment:gastrointestinal tractSkin, hair, nails, teethCh..


Buy the pill "Fufanzindai" - to treat itchy skin diseases, rashes, psoriasis, ringworm, etc. From China

Chapter: Traditional Chinese Medicineappointment:Skin, hair, nails, teethPackage: 9 packs of 6g each..


Buy the tablet "Yujin Yinxie pian" to treat psoriasis, eczema, and squamous herpes from China

Chapter: Traditional Chinese Medicineappointment:Skin, hair, nails, teethPackage: 36 piecesDescripti..


Chinese greens (antiseptic gel)

Chinese zelenoka is a gel based on plant components. It is made according to the traditional Chinese..


Chinese Mupirocin Ointment "Baktroban", 10 g

Eschestvo mupirocin refers to a large spectrum antibiotic, is used topically and locally. Active Gra..


Kit for acne (acne) treatment "Chen Isheng"

Description of the preparation:Effect of the drug:Eliminates acne and pockmarks,Degreases the skin.I..


Liquid from nail fungus "Tszyatszyasyu Zhiji" (JiaJiaXiuZhiJi / Onychomycosis) Buzhou

Product description:Effect of the drug:destroys mold and fungus,effectively slows down the formation..


Means for nail fungus (treatment of onychomycosis), 25 ml

DESCRIPTION OF RESPONSESIt is used for the treatment of fungal diseases of nails, it is not used for..


Ointment against acne based on bamboo salt "Zhuyang Doubi" Liyanshijia

Description of the preparation:Mode of application:Ointment should be applied to the affected area o..


Ointment on the venom of the scorpion "Pihyuan Sedu» (Pi Xuan Xie Du) antifungal

Product description:Effect of the drug:inflammatory,bacteriostatic,antifungal.Indications for use:on..


Pills for the treatment of skin and blood purification "Pifubin Xuedu" (Pifubing Xuedu Wan)

Product description:Effect of the drug:inflammatory,analgesic,detoxification,antipruritic,antifungal..


Pills from vitiligo (Baidianfeng Wan)

Product description:Effect of the drug:It promotes cures vitiligo,quickly relieves itching,nourishin..


Purchase granules "Danggui Kushen King" - densely formed from the abdomen

Chapter: Tumor Therapy Drugsappointment:cancerPackage: 6 bottles, 6 grams.Description:"Danggui Kushe..


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