Dermatitis eczema

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Anti-dandruff shampoo with ketoconazole 1% "Tunkantszo" (Tongkangzuo Xiji) TPIATOP

Product description:Effect of the drug:antibacterial,antifungal.Indications: dandruff, skin peeling,..


Buy "Chunsha Powder" - Black tailed snake from China

Category: natural products and dry goodsappointment:gastrointestinal tractSkin, hair, nails, teethCh..


Buy the pill "Fufanzindai" - to treat itchy skin diseases, rashes, psoriasis, ringworm, etc. From China

Chapter: Traditional Chinese Medicineappointment:Skin, hair, nails, teethPackage: 9 packs of 6g each..


Chinese Mupirocin Ointment "Baktroban", 10 g

Eschestvo mupirocin refers to a large spectrum antibiotic, is used topically and locally. Active Gra..


Kit for acne (acne) treatment "Chen Isheng"

Description of the preparation:Effect of the drug:Eliminates acne and pockmarks,Degreases the skin.I..


Ointment on the venom of the scorpion "Pihyuan Sedu» (Pi Xuan Xie Du) antifungal

Product description:Effect of the drug:inflammatory,bacteriostatic,antifungal.Indications for use:on..


Pills for the treatment of skin and blood purification "Pifubin Xuedu" (Pifubing Xuedu Wan)

Product description:Effect of the drug:inflammatory,analgesic,detoxification,antipruritic,antifungal..


Purchase granules "Danggui Kushen King" - densely formed from the abdomen

Chapter: Tumor Therapy Drugsappointment:cancerPackage: 6 bottles, 6 grams.Description:"Danggui Kushe..


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