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 Xiaoer zhibao wan / 小儿至宝丸
1 bottle of Thai herbal green balm with a gentle mint flavor and a "long" in time action Thai Herbal Wax

Thai Herbal Wax50G/BOTTLE,buy 3bottles will get 15g/bottle as giftPopular among foreign tourists, es..


Buy "Dimu Ninja" for children - improve intelligence and concentration. From China

Chapter: Children's Medicineappointment:Liver, liver therapyKidney. Renal Therapynervous systemPacka..


Buy "Shenming Yihao" from China - improve memory, stimulate development and regulate immunity

Chapter: Traditional Chinese Medicineappointment:Improve memory and brain functionImmunityPackage: 1..


Buy cough tincture - to treat acute and chronic bronchitis, shortness of breath, cold and cough, sore throat from China

Chapter: Children's Medicineappointment:coldrespiratory organPackage: 100mlDescription:Cough tinctur..


Buy syrup for children, "Waiter Zhili" - stimulate intellectual activities from China

Chapter: Children's Medicineappointment:Improve memory and brain functionPackage: 10 bottles * 10mlD..


Buy syrup from China for children with pneumonia and cough

Chapter: Children's Medicineappointment:coldrespiratory organPackage: 6 bottles * 10mlDescription:Ch..


Children drink "Feynin Kelly" (Feining Keli) for the treatment of the common cold

Product description:Effect of the drug:eliminates heat,It facilitates expectoration,calms the cough ..


Chinese greens (antiseptic gel)

Chinese zelenoka is a gel based on plant components. It is made according to the traditional Chinese..


Infrared plaster cough "Ke Zhi"

Product description:Effect of the drug:removes phlegm,stops cough,normalizes breathing,shortness of ..


Pellets from colds for children "Syaoer Ganmao" (Xiao'er Ganmao Keli)

Product description:Effect of the drug:pyreticIndications for use:treating colds in childrenin the h..


Purchase zinc gluconate oral liquid from China

Chapter: Children's MedicinePackage: 12 bottles * 10mlDescription:Zinc gluconate oral liquid.Ingredi..


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