Cold and fever

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10 boxes of LIAN HUA QING WEN lianhuaqingwen WUHAN factory WANSONGTANG Chiese herb HACCP 3g*20bags/box

LIAN HUA QING WEN WUHAN factory WANSONGTANG Chiese herb tea HACCP3g×20bags/box FDA registrationNot s..


5 boxes of LIAN HUA QING WEN JIAONANG lianhuaqingwen jiaonang 36capusles/box

Ingredient editingForsythia, honeysuckle, ephedra, fried bitter almond, gypsum, Radix, Radix, Houttu..


Anti-inflammatory granules "Yuypinfen" (Yupingfeng Keli)

Product description:Effect of the drug:antibacterial,antiviral,inflammatory,antihistamine,It strengt..


Buy cough tincture - to treat acute and chronic bronchitis, shortness of breath, cold and cough, sore throat from China

Chapter: Children's Medicineappointment:coldrespiratory organPackage: 100mlDescription:Cough tinctur..


Buy pine pollen from China 3g*30bags/box

Category: natural products and dry goodsappointment:Improve memory and brain functionStress, depress..


Elixir "Kanbindu Koufue" (Kangbingdu Koufuye) cold and flu

Product description:Effect of the drug:eliminates pathogenic moisture and heat,lowers blood temperat..


Elixir "Shuang Huang Lian» (SHUAN HUANG LIAN) - is a natural antibiotic

Product description:Effect of the drug:As a broad-spectrum antibiotic, is active against many gram-p..


Granules "Ganmao Tsinzhe Kelly" (Ganmao Qingre Keli) cold and heat

Product description:Effect of the drug:antipyretic,inflammatory,antibiotic,anti-toxic,expectorant.In..


Soluble pill "Hosyan Zhengcai" (Huoxiang Zhengqi Diwan) from digestive disorders

Product description:Effect of the drug:removes heat and moisture,toxins,normalizes the stomach and i..


Tablets with Vitamin C "Wei With Inyyao" (Wei C Yinqiao Pian) from colds and flu

Product description:Effect of the drug:antipyretic,analgesic,inflammatory,antihistamine,It facilitat..


The pellets from the cold "Ganmaolin Kelly" (Ganmaoling Keli) 999

Product description:Effect of the drug:antipyretic,painkiller.Indications for use:headache,heat,nasa..


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