• Plaster-tablet "Antigemorus" (ANTI-HEMORRHOIDS)

Plaster-tablet "Antigemorus" (ANTI-HEMORRHOIDS)

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Description of the preparation:

Effect of the drug:

Revitalizes the blood, cooling and stopping bleeding,

Liberates the body from poison and toxins,

Supports (if an ulcer, hemorrhoids, bleeds and becomes wet),

Moisturizes with dryness affected areas,

Reduces swelling.

Indications for use:

All types of hemorrhoids (external, internal and bilateral),

Swelling and abdominal pain.

Ingredients: tanning, blood-grooming drug, borneol, berberine hydrochloride, papaverine hydrochloride.

Mode of application:

Rinse the umbilicus with warm water and wipe dry (if there are hair in the umbilical region, they need to be shaved),

Free from the adhesive tape pill, fix on the navel, if necessary, use an additional adhesive,

One tablet is designed for 24 hours,

Repeat the procedure until the full result is obtained.

Storage: in a cool dry place, at temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius.

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The antihemorrhoids plaster (ANTI-HEMORRHOIDS) is used for external, internal and bilateral hemorrhoids.

The antihemorrhoids plaster (ANTI-HEMORRHOIDS) is an anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anesthetic that can stop bleeding and relieve swelling in all types of hemorrhoids.

The drug revitalizes the blood, cooling and stopping bleeding, releases the body from toxins and toxins, supports (if the ulcer, hemorrhoids, bleeds and becomes wet), moisturizes the affected areas with dryness, reduces swelling, and is also used for swelling and abdominal pain.

Chinese doctors claim that many internal diseases can be treated through the skin of a person, applying medicines to it. On this principle, the work of the plaster-tablet "Antigemorus" (ANTI-HEMORRHOIDS) is based.

In the navel area are vital points associated with several meridians, so the impact of this tool on the body is multifunctional.

The tablet gradually turns into a gel. The components that make up it are actively absorbed through the skin and spread to internal organs.

Practice has shown that non-bleeding and non-purulent hemorrhoids disappear after the first tablet is applied. Severe forms of the disease require longer treatment, depending on the degree of neglect.

The antihemorrhoids tablet (ANTI-HEMORRHOIDS) can be used successfully in the treatment of varicose veins and the omission of various organs.


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