Retard senility

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Capsules "pearl powder"

Product description:Effect of the drug:It controls a number of enzymatic processes associated with t..


Cleansing Anti-Wrinkle Foam (Shu Pattern Compact Cleanser) One Spring

Description of the preparation:Effect of the drug:Is able to penetrate deeply into the pores, clean ..


Fubaoning Tampons for Inflammatory Diseases 6 pieces / box

Effect of the drug:Antipyretic;Anti-inflammatory;Antipruritic;Resolves the tumor;It brings out the d..


Moisturizer "Snail" (Replenishment Emollient Sream with Snail Elements) One Spring

Product description:Effect of the drug:repairs damaged cells and affected by the aging process,It cr..


Moisturizing night whitening mask "Snail" (Replenishment Emollient Sleeping Mask with Snail Elements) One Spring

Description of the preparation:Effect of the drug:Closes the moisture contained in the skin, prevent..



Vitamin E is a necessary component of the body, a fat-soluble antioxidant. Vitamin E supports the nu..


Night shaving mask against wrinkles "Snail" (Shu Pattern Compact Sleeping mask with Snail Elements) One Spring

Description of the preparation:Effect of the drug:Softens the horny layer of the skin,Eliminates the..


Nutritious night cream Prime U "Tianshi"

Nutritious night cream Prime U "Tianshi"Oil of almonds, vitamin E, root extract of radiola rosea and..


Pills with ginseng to restore the spleen "Zhenshen guypi wan" (Renshen guipi wan)

Product description:Effect of the drug:renders antishock effect,It improves memory and learning abil..


Pure Pine Tree Pine Pollen Chewable Tablets Supplement Energy Boost High Blood Pressure Anti Cancer

Package size: 1500mg*100tablets per bottle, 2 bottles per lotMain ingredient: Pine pollen, wolfberry..


Tea "Noni" (Noni) Beeston - an effective antioxidant

Product description:Effect of the drug:antioxidant,immunomodulatory, increases resistance to infecti..


The elixir of longevity "Tsisyuekan" (Qixuekang Koufuye)  Yunnan Baiyao

Product description:Effect of the drug:strengthens the spleen,increases the resistance of the organi..


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