• Protivogemorroynyh / varicose ointment "Ruan Xiao Zhi Gao" (Xiaozhi Ruangao) company 999

Protivogemorroynyh / varicose ointment "Ruan Xiao Zhi Gao" (Xiaozhi Ruangao) company 999

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Product description:


Effect of the drug:





cooling and soothing.

Indications for use:

thrombosed external hemorrhoids,

internal hemorrhoids,


Ingredients: powder from bear gall bladder, burnet drug, borneol; Excipients - White petrolatum, lanolin.

How to use: before using the tool wash the affected area with warm or cool water, then evenly apply ointment on the affected area.

hemorrhoids applied 1-2 times a day; treatment -1-2 weeks. After the procedure, you must stay in bed for 30-40 minutes. The duration of treatment depends on the nature and severity of the disease.

when an internal hemorrhoid is convenient to use a syringe tube of ointment to be administered two times a day to 0.5 grams on the outside to impose a clean gauze.

for varicose veins is applied to the affected area and rub a slight movement from the bottom up 1-2 times a day; a course of treatment - 1-2 weeks.


when use of the drug is prohibited,

to take urgent and fatty foods.

Side effects: in case of skin hypersensitivity to stop receiving.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place inaccessible to children.


forbidden to take urgent and fatty foods;

during pregnancy consult a doctor;

means for external use only, forbidden to take in;

not recommended if you are hypersensitive (the body);

the preparation is effective only if weak bleeding hemorrhoids complicated, and in the presence of tumors, and pain. If defecation is accompanied by profuse bleeding or in patients suffering from internal hemorrhoids after a bowel movement is marked loss of hemorrhoids, which can not be drawn on their own, then seek medical advice;

It prohibited to use the drug if there have been changes in its formulation;

Children use the drug only under adult supervision;

the use of other drugs to consult with your doctor.

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Protivogemorroynyh / varicose ointment "Ruan Xiao Zhi Gao" (Xiaozhi Ruangao) company 999 - the famous Chinese ointment for hemorrhoids, the patented invention of Tianhe recognized in China protivogemorroynyh drug №2.

In a number of cities and provinces of China ointment is included in the "List of Essential Medicines Health Insurance."

Protivogemorroynyh / varicose ointment "Ruan Xiao Zhi Gao" (Xiao Zhi Ruangao) is created on the basis of achievements in various fields of science. It has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor (anti-edematous), analgesic and hemostatic effect, comes in original packaging disposable antibacterial, safe for health and hygienic, easy to use.

Ointment cleans the affected area, expels heat, eliminates swelling, stops bleeding, reduces pain. Even a single dose has a cooling and soothing (softening) effect.

Results from clinical studies indicate the drug: the overall therapeutic effect of unspoken reached 97.3%, a pronounced effect - 78.8%, which is considerably above the therapeutic effect of other drugs protivogemorroynyh: 90% and 47.5%, respectively.

This statistic allows us to consider protivogemorroynyh ointment "Ruan Xiao Zhi Gao" (Xiao Zhi Ruan Gao) ideal drug for external use.

The unique composition protivogemorroynyh ointments contain bear bile powder.

bear bile powder comprises different active substances, among them the unsaturated fatty acids which have a softening effect on the coating and broken skin, creating a protective film, and vitamins (in particular vitamin A) is of decisive importance in the fission and regeneration of damaged skin cell. A particular positive factor is the rapid healing of injured tissues.

Dosage form: ointment brown-brown color.

Comfortable, hygienic, comfortable to administer the drug via a secure tip from bacteria.

The manufacturer: The company "Yiwei" pharmaceutical company "Tianhe", Guilin.

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