• 10 bottle of Chitosan capsules "Tiens"

10 bottle of Chitosan capsules "Tiens"

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Adsorbs and removes heavy metal salts, mineral fertilizers, chemical dyes, drug metabolites from the body

•Regulates cholesterol

•Restores the process of digestion

Chitosan capsules "Tiens"

The main functions of chitosan are weight loss, improvement of the liver and gallbladder, effective in removing heavy metals from the body, helps with wound healing and restoration of the skin surface.

The drug chitosan in capsules most actively contributes to:

the process of getting rid of excess weight, improving the functioning of such organs of the human body as the liver, as well as the gallbladder, removing various kinds of harmful substances from the body. In addition, this drug heals various kinds of wounds very well, and also restores the skin.

The main distinguishing feature of this drug is that it is absolutely not medicinal, but its action is trouble-free. If you order chitosan in capsules, then once and for all you can forget about both injections and tablets.

This drug may well be used for external treatment. In particular, with burns of varying degrees, as well as with various kinds of wounds. Chitosan in capsules absolutely does not cause a rejection reaction of the human body, it goes through the process of soft tissue adaptation extremely easily, creates a favorable environment for their growth, as well as a favorable environment for the growth of new skin cells, thus actively contributing to the healing process of the skin surface without the formation of scars. In addition, chitosan in capsules actively stimulates the growth of skin fibers, has an analgesic function, as well as a hematopoietic function.

Cosmetologists also actively use this drug in their work.

In particular, in the process of making hand masks, as well as in the process of making face masks.

How to prepare a face mask or a hand mask using Chitosan Tienshi

In order to prepare a face mask or a hand mask using Chitosan Tienshi, you will need two small containers. In one of them it will be necessary to pour water in the amount of fifty milliliters. Seven tablets of Chitosan Tiens are added to the water. Thirty milliliters of water and three milliliters of lemon juice are poured into the second container. After carrying out these manipulations, the two resulting solutions will need to be mixed as follows: in the container that contains lemon juice, a mixture with Chitosan Tianshi is poured in a thin stream. The mask must be constantly stirred. After the resulting solution thickens, it will be necessary to add another twenty milliliters of water to it, the temperature level of which should be from thirty degrees Celsius to forty degrees Celsius. The resulting mask should be applied to the surface of the skin of the face or on the surface of the skin of the hands for fifteen minutes. Such a mask saturates the skin, refreshes, brightens it, and also tightens all the necessary areas. The effect of smoothing the skin of the face or the skin of the hands will be noticeable after application. It persists for quite a long period of time. An unused face mask or hand mask should be stored in a cool and dry place, because it can still be used within a ten-day period.

This drug has absolutely no contraindications whatsoever.

As well as side effects. However, it is necessary to appoint it to children who have not yet reached the age of twelve, with extreme caution. The time interval between the use of chitosan in capsules and any other biological supplements should be at least two and a half hours.

This drug should be taken at the rate of two to three capsules twice a day. If you have any diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, then the drug must be dissolved in warm water.

The drug has no sharp contraindications and side effects. But keep in mind that Tianshi Chitosan cannot be drunk together with Tianshi Double Cellulose. Also carefully prescribed to children under 12 years of age. The interval between taking Chitosan and other supplements should be approximately 2 hours.

Mode of application:

2-3 capsules 2 times a day, be sure to observe the interval between taking the drug and eating food before or after at 2-3 hours. Drink plenty of water (at least 1 glass of clean water). If there are diseases of the digestive tract (including oncology), the contents of the drug should be dissolved in a glass of warm water.

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