• 1 bottle of Capsule "Weikang" "Tiens"Vitality

1 bottle of Capsule "Weikang" "Tiens"Vitality

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Excellent remedy for the treatment of skin diseases such as psoriasis, keratoses, eczema

•Helps in the fight against caries

• In cases of inflammation of the oral cavity, with calcium deficiency, it increases the absorption of oxygen by the body

BAA for food “Capsules “Weikan” “Tiens”

Capsules Weikan "Tiens" are an excellent tool for the treatment of various diseases of the skin of the human body. In particular, such as psoriasis, eczema, and keratosis. In addition, this drug can be used to treat various kinds of dental diseases, for the treatment of various kinds of gum diseases, as well as for the treatment of various kinds of diseases of the oral cavity.

This drug most actively helps to improve the microflora in the oral cavity, and also provides a pleasant smell from the oral cavity. The composition of Veikang "Tiens" capsules includes calcium, as well as vitamin D3, which, in turn, makes it a fairly effective remedy for the treatment of hypocalcemia. A pleasant fruity taste will undoubtedly appeal not only to children, but also to adults. The latter is recommended to use this drug every time after a meal in the amount of one capsule, which must be washed down with hot water. Before use, be sure to brush your teeth. After using this drug, at least one hour must pass before you eat or drink anything.

One package contains sixty capsules.

This amount is quite sufficient for the use of the drug for a month. Capsules Weikan "Tiens" do not have any contraindications. The pediatric dose is one capsule per day. After using this drug, your mouth, as well as your teeth, will look much healthier.

Dental health is very important for absolutely every person.

The use of Capsules Veikan "Tiens" will help you once and for all forget about such a problem as caries, which begins to destroy tooth enamel even at the initial stage of the disease. Then the turn comes to the inner component of the teeth. So if the necessary measures are not taken in time, then you can remain completely toothless.

Those people who experience an acute shortage of a substance such as calcium in their body may experience various kinds of mass diseases. They pose a great danger to human health, especially children. With a significant lack of calcium in the human body, various kinds of failures begin to occur, various kinds of problems appear with organs that relate to the cardiovascular system, with the contraction of various kinds of muscles, as well as with the kidneys. If you have memory impairment, excessive irritability, and unreasonable nervousness, then this means that you should definitely contact a medical specialist, because this is a clear sign of a lack of calcium in your body. This drug will help you cope with this problem, which contains various kinds of vitamins, as well as calcium, which allow you to maintain health, as well as the performance of the human body.

In addition, it can also be consumed as a drink, which acts as an alternative to tea. In the assortment there are always different tastes of this drug.

Thanks to the great taste, you can use the drug and have healthy teeth, be energetic, have an excellent memory and peace of mind for a long period of time.

There are no contraindications.

The weight of the Veikang Tienshi tablet becomes 1.2 g. It dissolves easily in the body, helps to increase efficiency and improve well-being after application in the first days.

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