• Tiens Super Calcium Capsules with Lecithin +5 Natto

Tiens Super Calcium Capsules with Lecithin +5 Natto

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Capsules with calcium Tianshi for brain activity can not only compensate for the body needs calcium element, but also to improve brain power, the nervous system, to intensify the activity of brain cells, increase the intellectual capabilities of man.

Calcium for the brain - the best way to activate brain cells, improving memory, anti-aging nerve cells and to increase their productivity.

The main components of the capsules with calcium Tianshi:

calcium from fresh bovine bone after application of enzyme treatment, lecithin higher purification than classical biocalcium, vitamins B1, B12, C and folic acid (high), vitamin C (high), minerals, protein, taurine, carbohydrates.

Tianshi Calcium Properties:

Thanks to the high content of lecithin (not less than 35%), taurine and folic acid compared with the classical Biocalcium activates the activity of brain cells, improving their nutrition, increases intelligence, improves memory, slows down aging of the brain and prevents dementia, improves the condition of the peripheral nervous system . Calcium Capsules Tianshi improves eyesight, stimulates the activity of the retina eyes, improves blood circulation in the brain, strengthens the heart muscle, prevents blood clots, strengthens the immune system. Capsules Tianshi Calcium also improves the work of the digestive system and have a restorative effect.

The use of calcium for the brain:

- As a fortifying agent, at elevated mental stress among schoolchildren and students;

- With memory impairment at any age, is effective in the elderly;

- In the treatment of vascular lesions of any location, for normalizing lipid metabolism in atherosclerosis, the treatment of emotional stress, epilepsy;

- In primary and secondary adrenal insufficiency;

- Stroke, cerebrovascular accident;

- Prevention of eye diseases;

- chronic fatigue;

- Central nervous system disorders, including multiple sclerosis;

- Gastrointestinal tract diseases;

- Arthritis, osteoporosis ;.

- Skin diseases;

- Senile dementia;

- Menopause;

- Disorders in the sexual sphere (frigidity, impotence);

- Different types of manic depression (especially when the treatment helps badly antidepressants);

- Stressful situations;

- Paresis, paralysis.

Due to the content in its composition of calcium, lecithin, taurine, C vitamins, B1, B12 and folic acid, helps to not only provide the body with calcium, but also has a beneficial effect on the processes of food nutrients, the brain, the nervous system, helps revitalize brain cells brain, improve intelligence; improves memory status; a positive effect on slowing brain aging processes and improves efficiency of brain activity.

Can be used as an additional source of calcium, lecithin, taurine, C vitamins, B1, B12, folic acid, as a fortifying agent at elevated mental stress in teenagers - students. for the prevention of headaches, for the prophylaxis and prevention of stroke, to improve the peripheral nervous system.

It can be recommended as a tonic for people of intellectual labor and business at increased mental stress.

Taurine - is an amino acid, which unlike the other is not involved in the synthesis of proteins of the human body. However, its effect on the body is very positive: it controls the operation of the cell membranes (by adjusting the water content in the cell), prevents edema, including Brain edema is a mild diuretic and helps the kidneys, is involved in antioxidant protection, strengthens the immune system, strengthens the heart muscle, improves cerebral blood circulation, prevents thrombosis, a positive effect on the pancreas and digestive organs, supports the retina and improves vision.

Due to the high content of lecithin and taurine may be beneficial to the revitalization of the brain cells, improving the state of the peripheral nervous system. Positively influences memory improving processes favorable for the prevention and the prevention of the appearance of symptoms of dementia in the elderly. It can also be recommended as a possible prevention of eye diseases. An additional source of calcium, lecithin, taurine, C vitamins, B1, B12, folic acid contributes to the effective prevention of stroke, cerebral circulatory disorders, chronic fatigue, arthritis, osteoporosis, skin diseases, various types of manic-depressive states. It may be useful to people of mental labor, schoolchildren, students, especially during exams, in stressful situations.

Tianshi Calcium brain - the most good means to activate brain cells, improve memory, slow down brain aging, and to improve the productivity of the brain cells.

Calcium capsules Tiens Group operates as a soft file, removing the salt on the walls of blood vessels and small capillaries, thereby restoring blood flow and, accordingly, each brain cell receives oxygen and nutrition!

This product is well in demand by teachers, students and elderly people!

Instructions for use: You can take from 11.00 to 15.00 and from 17.00 to 21.00 hours, with a glass of warm water. The best time of reception - from 11.00 to 13.00 hours.


· Adults and children over 12 years: 1 capsule 3 times a day;

· Children under 12 years of age: 1-2 capsules per day for 14 days daily, then go to the maintenance dose of 1 capsule every 2-3 days for 1-3 months;

· In diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems, the dose can be increased to 1 capsule three times a day over 7 days. Next, - a maintenance dose of 1-2 capsules 14 days and then one capsule a day.

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