• The drug from breast cancer "Sihuanvan" (Xihuang wan)

The drug from breast cancer "Sihuanvan" (Xihuang wan)

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Product description:

Effect of the drug: eliminates poison resolves seal swelling and relieves pain.

Indications for use:

mammary cancer,

seals in the mammary gland,


compression in the lymph nodes

boils and ulcers.

Ingredients: bezoar, musk deer jet fried mastic fried myrrh.

Dosage: take the inside of 3 years (1 butylek) 2 times a day, wash down with warm boiled water or yellow wine.

Contraindications: Do not be taken by pregnant women.


the medicine is best suited for patients who activate Qi has not yet reached the stage of excess;

patients who already have blood deficiency Qi, should take the medicine with caution;

It prohibited for pregnant women.

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The drug "Sihuanvan" (Xihuang wan) - preparation of traditional Chinese medicine.

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The drug "Sihuanvan" (Xihuang wan) is used to treat nodular seals in the mammary gland of pubertal mastitis, breast cancer, scrofula, malignant boils and ulcers, multiple abscesses, lymphadenitis and cold abscess.

Action according to TCM: Removes poison resolves seal swelling and relieves pain.

The components of the drug "Sihuanvan" (Xihuang wan)

Contained in the recipe ingredient - bezoarny stone for the purification of the heart - is the main drug, lifts the heat absorbing mucus and revitalizing the body, absorbing seal.

Fragrant spray musk deer is a drug that enhances the action of the main drug, it has a sharp penetrating properties, improves the conductivity of the meridians, resolves seal, eliminates the poison and removes stinking dregs.

Bezoar limits the negative properties of the sharp musk musk deer and musk helps dissolve phlegm and bezoar seal.

Mastic and myrrh are auxiliary medicine that improves blood circulation and eliminating blood stasis, swelling and absorbing pain relief.

Millet flour is Adhesive material for the production of pills, and it normalizes the function of the stomach and spleen, and softens the cleansing action of the main drugs, preventing damage to the spleen and stomach.

Indications "Sihuanvan" (Xihuang wan)

anger by Qi stagnation and phlegm, damaging the liver;

disorder of the digestive and transport functions of the spleen, qi stagnation and heat inside, phlegm stagnation inside.

In particular:

Breast cancer, sealing in the mammary gland: seen in the formation of nodules in the mammary gland seals, tvkamenistoy density, soldered to surrounding tissues, bumpy to the touch; or seals in the mammary gland, similar plum solids and differing in color from the skin and surrounding tissues nespayannyh.

Scrofula: seen in the formation of seals on both sides of the neck, in the initial stage similar in shape to the beans, do not differ from the color of the skin, not painful or slightly painful, moving, forming similarity pearls ligament.

The seals in lymph nodes: seen in the formation of various size solid nodules under the jaw, in the armpits, in the groin and at Wei-chung, painful, nespayannyh with the skin, do not differ in color from the skin.

Boils and ulcers: Sores on the head are a manifestation of the three types of Xian syndrome - three critical states in purulent infection, when the pathogen invades into the body:

type fire, caused mainly by excess pathogenic heat and exhaustion of body fluid;

dry type, caused mainly by the depletion of Yin;

lack of the type caused mainly by the depletion of qi and blood of the spleen and kidney.

At first the patient has ulcers or sores on the head, and then the pathogen penetrates into the blood, thus appear chills, fever, headache and anxiety on the skin are the spots and bruises, the patient goes into a coma with delirium.

Recent studies of the drug "Sihuanvan" (Xihuang wan):

Pharmachologic effect:

According to the test results, it is believed that direct application musk musk has no significant deterrent effect on tumors in experimental animals such as ascitic tumors W256, W256 solid tumors, leukemia and sarcoma S180 in mouse L615. However, it is believed that the protein components of musk have a significant anti-tumor effect and may increase immunoglobulin antibodies. Also, when the presence of sheep erythrocytes musk antigen can dramatically increase spleen size in experimental mice. It was found that in developed using the right techniques Sihuanvan preparation of natural musk and natural bezoar together can enhance the activation of the mononuclear phagocyte system.

Clinical applications:

In recent years, the drug used in the treatment of lymphadenitis, osteomyelitis and liver cancer, and shows a very good therapeutic effect, it can lead to resorption of tumor uplot

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