• Tablets "Syaoaypin" (Xiao'aiping Pian) for the treatment of cancer

Tablets "Syaoaypin" (Xiao'aiping Pian) for the treatment of cancer

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Product description:

Effect of the drug:

It eliminates the "heat"


It stops the growth of tumors and metastases,

It destroys cancer cells,

enhances the effectiveness of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, reduce side effects,

It neutralizes toxins, removes toxic substances,

improve immune function, it enhances the immune tolerance,

to inhibit the residual cancer cells in the postoperative period,

accelerate wound healing, prevent infection,

It relieves pain.

Indications for use:

esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, cervical cancer, leukemia, and other malignant tumors,

chronic tracheitis and bronchial asthma,

pre- and post-operative period of cancer treatment,

to improve the effect and reduce the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Ingredients: root Glaucescent Fissistigma.

Mode of application:

for oral administration,

take 8-10 pills 3 times a day, washed down with warm boiled water.

application rate: 7-9 packages.

Contraindications: pregnancy.

Side effects. In some cases, possible deterioration of appetite, decreased white blood cell count, increased transaminases, fever, joint pain, dermatitis, etc. Generally, no special measures in this case is not required.

Storage: Keep in a tightly closed container in a dark, cool, dry place (at a temperature no higher than 20 ° C).

Warning: Carefully read the instructions and consult a physician before using the drug.

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Tablets "Syaoaypin" (Xiao'aiping Pian) - Chinese drug for the treatment of cancer and improve the effectiveness of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and post-operative treatment.

At the heart of "Syaoaypin" drug (Xiao'aiping Pian) - the roots of the vines Glaucescent Fissistigma, which are used in Chinese medicine to eliminate the "hot" voscpaleny and tumors. The therapeutic effect of "Syaoaypin" blocks the mitosis of tumor cells, displays the body of toxic substances, shortness of breath and soothe the pain relief.

"Syaoaypin" tablets used for the treatment of esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, cervical cancer, leukemia, and other malignant tumors. A can also be used to treat chronic tracheitis and bronchial asthma.

The antitumor effect of the drug helps to stop the growth of tumors and metastasis. Greatly enhances the immune system to inhibit the growth and proliferation of tumor cells so that cancer cells are destroyed by the lack of nutrients. The action of the drug extends only to cancer cells without damaging normal.

Tablets "Syaoaypin" (Xiao'aiping Pian) relieve the pain caused by the tumor, ascites and other symptoms. Reduce the tumor and peritumoral edema layer to prevent tumor growth and distant metastases, creating favorable conditions for the implementation of the operation.

They are used in complex treatment with radiation and chemotherapy to improve efficiency and reduce their negative impact. "Syaoaypin" is not toxic to the heart, liver, kidneys, blood system, the drug may protect the liver and bone marrow, improving the quality of life of patients. Clinical observations show that patients reported a positive effect of treatment in combination with the drug "Syaoaypin" - increased appetite, pain reduction, reduction of side effects from chemotherapy, such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue, headache and others.

The use of this drug improves the condition of patients with advanced cancer and can significantly extend the life of people with a tumor.

In the postoperative period "Syaoaypin" (Xiao'aiping Pian) and to inhibit the destruction of cancer cells remaining after surgery, improves immune function in patients, expands the possibilities of immune tolerance, aimed at the elimination of residual cancer cells in vivo and small lesions, thereby effectively controlling tumor recurrence and metastases. It accelerates wound healing, prevent infection, bleeding and other complications.

Description: The sugar-coated tablet contents yellow-brown. They have a slight odor and a bitter taste.

Packing: PVC film and aluminum foil. The package 3 boxes with 2 blisters of 12 tablets. Weight of 1 tablet of 0.3 g

Shelf life: 30 months.

The current standard: a standard the Office of the Food and Drug Administration (experimental) YBZ20922005.

Ratification number: Z20054951.

Producer: "Tunhuaskaya Chzhenlin pharmaceutical company", China Tonghua city, district Ardaotszyan Str. Lianhua 88.

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