• Buy pine pollen from China 3g*30bags/box

Buy pine pollen from China 3g*30bags/box

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Improve memory and brain function

Stress, depression, insomnia


cardiovascular system

Cholesterol, blood vessel cleaning


Package: 1 bag, 3g/30 bags


Pine pollen

This is an elite means of prolonging life used by the Kremlin clinic.

Pine pollen combines the strong vitality, longevity and disease resistance of pine trees. It is the essence of life, rich in nutrients and active substances, so it is considered as the "pollen queen"

In addition to studying historical heritage, in recent years, the latest advanced technology has been used to analyze the composition of pine pollen, study its physiological and biochemical potential, and conduct systematic experiments on animals, laying a solid scientific foundation for the effective use of pine pollen. Pine pollen preparations have been widely recognized and promoted because they are in line with the development direction of modern medicine and nutrition. They are natural products and contain all the substances needed by the human body, such as many amino acids, hydrocarbons, vitamins, nucleic acids, nucleic acids, nucleic acids, nucleic acids, etc. Enzymes and other bioactive substances. In addition, the proportion of these substances in pine pollen is ideal. It is important that pine pollen is rich in vitamins and trace elements. Although their content is in milligrams and micrograms, they protect human health.

Pine pollen can enhance immunity, fight against aging and fatigue, stimulate growth and development, regulate organic metabolism, reduce cholesterol and lipid content, and stimulate hematopoiesis. The role of pine pollen in health promotion and treatment has been recognized at home and abroad. At present, pine pollen drugs are widely used around the world.

Pine pollen is a natural and absolutely safe product. Powerful antioxidant: 50 times stronger than vitamin E and 20 times stronger than vitamin C.

Repairing fragile capillaries (blood vessels) is therefore effective for cardiovascular and eye diseases (diabetes with impaired vision and retinal vascular fragility).

Prevent skin aging and cancer process; Improve the elasticity of skin and muscle system.

Breaking down fat helps to lose weight. It can obviously reduce blood pressure and blood viscosity, thus preventing thrombosis, improving blood flow of brain cells, and improving memory. Strong immune system protection.

Pine pollen is the guaranteed prevention of allergy and cancer.

Pine pollen greatly enhances sexual capacity. Absorb the elements of prostate stratification, and restore the blood flow of prostate capillary system. Pine pollen is almost a panacea for treating diseases of the bronchopulmonary system (tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis, and darkened lungs).

Its useful actions:

-Stimulate blood circulation;

Restore vision;

-Improve joint movement;

-Prevent capillary rupture;

-Reduce mental degeneration;

-Reduce cancer risk;

-Reduce the risk of heart disease;

Prevent the risk of vascular disease;

-Reduce the risk of stroke;

2. Helping to quickly obtain sports records;

-Enhance the resistance of the immune system;

-Reduce the frequency and severity of colds;

-Enhance energy;

Reduce fatigue;

-Eliminate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome;

-Neutralize allergic reactions.

The relationship between pine pollen and human health:

1. Pine pollen and fatigue relief

Pine pollen contains a group of balanced nutrients, which are necessary for rapid and reliable elimination of fatigue. It is very useful for the elderly and middle-aged people who are easily fatigued and those who are engaged in heavy physical labor. In addition, research conducted by the Doping Control Center of the Chinese Olympic Committee shows that pine pollen does not contain prohibited ingredients. Therefore, it is an ideal stimulant for athletes.

2. Pine pollen and anti-aging

Pine pollen contains a lot of antioxidants, such as vitamin C, carotene, selenium and other trace elements, Each can limit the excessive oxidation of lipids and proteins, thereby slowing down the aging process. Long term use of pine pollen can eliminate aging plaque, restore youthful vitality, delay aging and prolong life.

3. Pine pollen and beauty

Pine pollen can not only regulate psychological function, but also improve skin cell metabolism, prevent skin aging, increase skin elasticity, and restore and moisturize the skin. Therefore, pine pollen is called "edible cosmetics".

Pine pollen is rich in amino acids, which can be absorbed by skin cells and contains

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