• Capsules for the treatment of pain in the lower back "Yaotunnin" (Yaotongning Jiaonang)

Capsules for the treatment of pain in the lower back "Yaotunnin" (Yaotongning Jiaonang)

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Product description:

Effect of the drug:

anti-inflammatory and analgesic;


It warms and activates meridians.

Indications for use:

prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc,

proliferation of lumbar vertebra,


sciatic neuritis,

fatigue of lumbar muscles,

fibrositis lumbar muscles,

chronic rheumatoid arthritis.

Ingredients: seeds powder chilibuha, vityazhka of earthen turtle, solomotsvet bidentate, Ural licorice, ephedra Chinese, Boswellia Carter (Grain vinegar.), Myrrh (Grain vinegar.), An extract of scorpion, a dried silkworm, who died before the formation of the cocoon (fry. bran), atraktilis Chinese (fry. with bran).

Mode of application:

elixir poured into a glass, dissolve a small amount of warm boiled water and drink together with capsules

one reception - 4-6 capsules

take 1 times a day for half an hour before bedtime in accordance with doctor's orders.

Course: 5 packs.


Pregnant women and children are not accepted.

Suffering from epilepsy do not receive.

When rheumatic fever when the temperature is above 37,5ºS, taken with caution or use other antirheumatic drugs; hypertension when blood pressure reaches a 23/13 psig (170/100 mmHg), should not be accepted.

Patients suffering from the consequences of hemorrhagic stroke and gemiplёgiey as a complication after a cerebral thrombosis, taken according to doctor's orders.

Storage: Keep in a cool dry place, in a hermetically sealed package.


Before use, carefully read the instructions and consult your doctor

Athletes taken with caution.

In cardiomyopathy, hypertension, cold from deficiency of spleen and stomach taken with caution.

Strictly abide by the dosage.

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Capsules for the treatment of pain in the lower back "Yaotunnin" (Yaotongning Jiaonang) - preparation of Chinese medicine, improve the function and condition of the lumbar nerves, blood vessels and muscles, reduces local inflammation of the musculoskeletal system.

The drug "Yaotunnin" (Yaotongning Jiaonang) is used for a herniated disc that has arisen due to the stagnation of blood in the channels and collateral vessels, sciatic neuralgia, exhaustion lumbar muscle fibrosis back muscles, rheumatoid arthritic pain, lumbosacral pain, while arthralgia, and also people with limited movements of the limbs and body.

Description of the preparation: hard gelatin capsules, within which there is a powder color from yellow-brown to tobacco; They have a delicate pleasant smell, bitter taste.

The current standard: Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010

ratification Number: Medical License Z13020898.

Producer: JSC "Pharmaceutical Group companies Tszinfukan g.Chende" (Chengde JingFuKang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd), Industrial Development Zone, Chengde city, prov. Hebei, China.


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