• Tablets "Layver-Aid" (LIVER-AID) vital liver support

Tablets "Layver-Aid" (LIVER-AID) vital liver support

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Product description:

Effect of the drug:

normalizes metabolism of lipids and proteins

It helps to activate and protect fosfolipidozavisimyh enzyme systems,

improves the detoxification function of the liver.

Indications for use:

treatment of various forms of hepatitis,

early stages of cirrhosis,

dissolves stone formation.

Ingredients: minced pig gall bladder, extract, strengthens the liver, extract of Chinese magnolia, golden bean flour and others.

How to use: 3 times daily 2-4 tablets, half an hour before meals or on prescription.

Storage: Keep in a closed container in a dry place.

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Tablets "Layver-Aid" (LIVER-AID) - Chinese drug for the treatment of liver.

Medicine "Layver-Aid" for the liver in clinical trials in the second hospital at Harbin Medical University.

It was used in the treatment of chronic forms of hepatitis and other liver diseases.

In this case, the tool proved partly effective in 95.8% of cases and 70% totally effective in treating hepatitis.

In the treatment of cirrhosis of these figures were, respectively: 82.5% and 63%.

Regarding the medicine recovery ability of the liver to metabolize lipids and proteins proved partly effective in 98% of cases and 90% of the fully effective.

This medicine has proved to be very effective in the treatment of various poisonings.

It has a high rating-known physicians and pharmacologists in Heilongjiang Province.

The composition of the drug, its production process and excellent results from clinical trials indicate its quality and efficiency.

In China it is considered one of the best local products for the treatment of liver diseases.

The certificate for medicinal and hygiene products issued in Heilongjiang Province: ZZ -0200 (1993) №100302.

This drug belongs to a group of major Chinese medicines.

China's Ministry of Health and all the manufacturing companies guarantee the quality of the drug.

The course of preparation "Layver-Aid":

Prevention: 4 packs.

Treatment: 10 packages.

Manufacturer: Harbin Pharmaceutical Factory "Huayu".

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