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2 Boxes of New Golden Throat for Chronic Bronchitis, Quick Smoking

Effect of the drug:neutralizes free radicals,It protects the cellular tissue,boosts immunitymaintain..


Anti-Hemorrhoids Suppository (Rong Chang Gang Tai) Hemorrhoids Pain Curing

Effect of the drug:relieves burning and itching,stops bleeding,analgesic,It has an antibacterial eff..


Biten Shukan (Biting Shukang) Capsules Arthritis Painkillers Dong Chuntsao Tsyuanse

This product is manufactured under the concept of "Yao Shi Tong Yuan", which states that medicines a..


 Xiaoer zhibao wan / 小儿至宝丸
"Lunshenchzhi" Capsules (Longshengzhi Jiaonang) for recovery after ischemic stroke

Product description:Effect of the drug:It improves blood circulation,eliminate blood stasis,strength..


"Manting" Cream (Manting) for the treatment of acne and subcutaneous mite

Product description:Effect of the drug:cleanses the skin from ticks and poisonous substances, their ..


"Tszinyaokan" Capsules (Jingyaokang Jiaonang)

Product description:Effect of the drug:It relaxes the muscles,improves the conductivity of the merid..


"Tszyannao" Capsules (Jiannao Jiaonang) to improve brain activity

Product description:Effect of the drug:improves brain activity,It has a calming effect.Indications f..


1 bottle of Thai herbal green balm with a gentle mint flavor and a "long" in time action Thai Herbal Wax

Thai Herbal Wax50G/BOTTLE,buy 3bottles will get 15g/bottle as giftPopular among foreign tourists, es..



Nyhuang Jiangya Wan Niuhuang Jiang Ya Wan herbal balls contain more than twenty vegetable ingredient..


10 Packs PEIDU Bone-building Musk Herbal Plaster for Musk Analgestic, Pain Relief Plaster

Ingredients: Musk Armbrette, Radix Aconiti Kusnezoffii, Radix Aconiti, Olibanum, Myrrha, Semen Stryc..


2 boxes of Apocynum Antihypertensive Capsules for dizziness headache, irritability and high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia

【Drug Name】  Generic name: Apocynum venetum Capsules  Product name: Apocynum venetum antih..


2Bags (2*100g) Cordyceps Sinensis Mushroom Enhance Immunity 100% Natural Organic Health Care Food

Package size: 100g/bag, 200g per lot Ingredients: Polysaccharides> 8% , mannitol > 10% , ..


3 Boxes of Wuzi Yanzong Wan for Impotence, Infertility and Prostatitis.

Pills to extend the kind of "Utszy Yanzun" (Wuzi Yanzong Wan) are positioned as pills that solve rep..


5 boxes of LIAN HUA QING WEN JIAONANG lianhuaqingwen jiaonang 36capusles/box

Ingredient editingForsythia, honeysuckle, ephedra, fried bitter almond, gypsum, Radix, Radix, Houttu..


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