urinary system

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Buy diuretic pills "Shibawei" from China

Chapter: Tibetan Medicineappointment:Kidney. Renal Therapyurinary systemPackage: 24 piecesDescriptio..


Buy Tibetan medicine "Shivei Shoshen San" from China - impotence, renal failure

Chapter: Tibetan MedicinePackage: 10 bags 1.2grDescription:Tibetan medicine "Shivei Shoshen Sanh" - ..


Capsules "Shenfukan" (Shenfukang Jiaonang) from inflammation of the kidneys

Product description:Effect of the drug:anti-inflammatory, eliminates the "heat"diuretic,anti,antisep..


Chinese green therapeutic tea Du Jun from the leaves eucommia vesolistnoy from the pressure

DESCRIPTION OF RESPONSES Chinese green tea Du Jun from the leaves of the eucommia vesical is on..


Chronic pyelonephritis

Causes 1 Ascending infection, bacteria enter the renal pelvis from the ureter and then invade the re..


Jieshitong Pian for Urolithiasis

Tablets "Tszeshiton" (Jieshitong Pian) - a new highly effective for the treatment of urolithiasis, a..


Pills "Dragon bile" (Longdan Xiegan Wan)

Product description:Effect of the drug:inflammatory,diuretic.Indications for use:migraine headaches;..


Pills "Golden Chest / Gui Fu Di Huang Wan" (Guifu Dihuang Wan)

Product description:Effect of the drug:inflammatory,analgesic,decongestant.toxins,lowers blood press..


Pills restoring the right kidney "Yuguy Wan" (Yougui Wan)

Product description:Effect of the drug:warms and tones the Kidney Yang,Essence adds,Blood tones.Indi..


Pills to strengthen the kidneys "Chzhuanyao Tszyanshen" (Zhuangyao Jiansheng Wan)

Product description:Effect of the drug:analgesic,kidney tonic,strengthens the nervous system.Indicat..


Tablets "Fufaev Shiwei" (Fufang Shiwei Pian) treatment of urogenital system

Product description:Effect of the drug:eliminating pathogenic heat and moisture,promotes urination.I..


Tablets for the treatment of urinary tract infections "Three Golden (Sandzhin Pian)» (Sanjin Pian)

Product description:Indications for use:inflammation of the bladder (cystitis)inflammation of the ki..


Tibetan pills "Wang Shiwei Doukou" (Shiwei Doukou Wan) for the output of kidney stones

Product description:Effect of the drug:tones the kidneys,displays stones from the kidney.Indications..


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