• Buy syrup for children, "Waiter Zhili" - stimulate intellectual activities from China

Buy syrup for children, "Waiter Zhili" - stimulate intellectual activities from China

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Chapter: Children's Medicine


Improve memory and brain function

Package: 10 bottles * 10ml


Children's Syrup "Xiao Er Zhi" - stimulating intellectual activities.

Ingredients: turtle shell (Guijia), Longgu (animal fossil bone crushing medicine), fine leaves (Polygala tenuifolia), straw (Shichangpu), rooster meat.

Action: Adjust the balance of yin and yang and stimulate psychological activities.

The drug is effective for children with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.

The drug has the following effects on human body:

In the central nervous system, the association process is activated to improve health and patients' memory, emotion and psychology. It can stimulate the intellectual activities and comprehensive functions of the brain, promote the learning process, improve the connection between the cerebral hemispheres and weather conduction, improve the brain function, stabilize and recover the damaged brain functions (speech, memory, consciousness).

Application indications:

1. Chronic, accompanied by speech, memory, attention, dizziness and headache;

2. Organic mental disorder;

3. Dementia;

4. Nervous system diseases, accompanied by the decline of intelligence and intellectual function, lucidity, behavioral and emotional disorders;

5. Neurogenic depression, the clinical picture is dominated by weak disorders such as lack of motor ability and mental retardation;

6. Cerebral palsy, mental retardation, perinatal influence on central nervous system, low learning level of psycho organic syndrome, language disorder, memory disorder, oligarchy, intellectual deficiency, brain (children)

Usage and dosage mode:

Take orally 3 times, 10-15 ml per day, for children and adults over 12 years old

Children from 3 to 12 years old take 5ml three times a day. Take medicine after meals.

Side effect: not found.

Contraindication: not found.

Precautions: When the drug is stored for a long time, a small amount of sediment may be formed. In this case, shake the drug before use. This will not affect its therapeutic effect.

Storage: Store the drug in a closed package at a temperature not exceeding 20 ° C in a cool place.

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