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Tiens Ant Powder 0.2g * 150 capsules

Tiens  Ant PowderModern scientific studies have shown that ants are a treasure of useful substa..


Tiens Chitosan Capsule  0.15g/capsule * 100 capsules

Chitosan - a natural polymer (fiber zhivotngo origin), derived from chitin. It is a powerful adsorbe..


Tiens Holikan Grape Extract Capsule 0.35g * 60 capsule/bottle

Tiens Grape Extract CapsuleCapsules Resveratrol "Tiens" made on the basis of extract of seeds of ..


Tiens Zinc Capsule 0.20g * 60 Capsule/Bottle

Key product featuresZinc lactate, 2% glucose, 73% of chicken egg protein powder - 25%. In each capsu..





2 bottles of Tiens cordyceps

2 bottles of Tiens cordyceps..


For  Yuri 3

1. 142 garlic oil 31.66 + 10 metabolic 154..


For my dear friend Vadim

5.16Spirulina, 5, 90USD (purchase price raised) Vitality, 5, 90USD Lecithin, 10, 60USD (purcha..


For my dear friend Vadim Zhuromskiy

2019/05/28Ganoderma 10=$185Beauty face 2=$51super seren 5=$128chewable calcium 10=$300Total:$664..


special link for my dear friend Ziad Rahal

10 bottles of cordyceps..


Tiens Acupuncture massager care head "Ishoukan"

Acupuncture massager care head "Ishoukan" (Model TQ-Z06)The new improved model is used for blood pre..


Tiens Beauty Face Capsule Liang Yan 0.45g * 60 capsule

Effect of the drug:Eliminates the yellow-brown spots on the face;It protects the skin from premature..


Tiens Cell Rejuvenation Capsule 0.3g * 150 capsule

Functions: help to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Ingredients: teopolifenol, extractor Jiaogu..


Tiens China Ganoderma (Lingzhi, Reishi) Capsules

Composition:mycelium of Ganoderma (ganoderma), Scutellaria baicalensis extract (Weihai), ginseng ext..


Tiens Cordyceps 0.5g/capsule * 100 capsules

In traditional Chinese medicine, Cordyceps mycelium regarded as an effective anti-inflammatory agent..


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