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Tiens Ant Powder 0.2g * 150 capsules

Tiens  Ant PowderModern scientific studies have shown that ants are a treasure of useful substa..


Tiens Chitosan Capsule  0.15g/capsule * 100 capsules

Chitosan - a natural polymer (fiber zhivotngo origin), derived from chitin. It is a powerful adsorbe..


Tiens Holikan Grape Extract Capsule 0.35g * 60 capsule/bottle

Tiens Grape Extract CapsuleCapsules Resveratrol "Tiens" made on the basis of extract of seeds of ..


Tiens Zinc Capsule 0.20g * 60 Capsule/Bottle

Key product featuresZinc lactate, 2% glucose, 73% of chicken egg protein powder - 25%. In each capsu..


For  Yuri 3

1. 142 garlic oil 31.66 + 10 metabolic 154..


For my dear friend Vadim

1.5Beauty face 5, 115VB 5, 80Natto 5, 232Bone 10, 245Ant power 10, 90Grape seed 10, 250Cell 30, 750S..


For my dear friend Vadim Zhuromskiy

2019/05/28Ganoderma 10=$185Beauty face 2=$51super seren 5=$128chewable calcium 10=$300Total:$664..


special link for my dear friend Ziad Rahal

10 bottles of cordyceps..


Tiens Acupuncture massager care head "Ishoukan"

Acupuncture massager care head "Ishoukan" (Model TQ-Z06)The new improved model is used for blood pre..


Tiens Beauty Face Capsule Liang Yan 0.45g * 60 capsule

Effect of the drug:Eliminates the yellow-brown spots on the face;It protects the skin from premature..


Tiens Cell Rejuvenation Capsule 0.3g * 180 capsule

Functions: help to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Ingredients: teopolifenol, extractor Jiaogu..


Tiens China Ganoderma (Lingzhi, Reishi) Capsules

Composition:mycelium of Ganoderma (ganoderma), Scutellaria baicalensis extract (Weihai), ginseng ext..


Tiens Cordyceps 0.5g/capsule * 100 capsules

In traditional Chinese medicine, Cordyceps mycelium regarded as an effective anti-inflammatory agent..


Tiens Date Concentrated Juice

DescriptionDerived from China, Ziziphus Jujuba (jujube, Chinese date) is a member of the first group..


Tiens EEL Oil Softgels

Effect of the drug:It reduces the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system,help to reduce the b..


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