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Tiens Chitosan Capsule  0.15g/capsule * 100 capsules

Chitosan - a natural polymer (fiber zhivotngo origin), derived from chitin. It is a powerful adsorbe..


"Lunshenchzhi" Capsules (Longshengzhi Jiaonang) for recovery after ischemic stroke

Product description:Effect of the drug:It improves blood circulation,eliminate blood stasis,strength..


"Tszinyaokan" Capsules (Jingyaokang Jiaonang)

Product description:Effect of the drug:It relaxes the muscles,improves the conductivity of the merid..


"Tszyannao" Capsules (Jiannao Jiaonang) to improve brain activity

Product description:Effect of the drug:improves brain activity,It has a calming effect.Indications f..


1 bottle of Thai herbal green balm with a gentle mint flavor and a "long" in time action Thai Herbal Wax

Thai Herbal Wax50G/BOTTLE,buy 3bottles will get 15g/bottle as giftPopular among foreign tourists, es..


2 tubes Tiens Orecare Herbal Toothpaste

Tiens ToothpasteIngredients: natural extract Sarkander smooth, natural extract of Japanese honeysuck..


2021 Chinese Tea (Qing Qian Liu Jiang Tang Cha) from diabetes

Product description:Effect of the drug:lowers blood sugarreduces blood fat,It has antithrombotic and..


3 boxes of The capsules of bear bile "Sёndan" (Xiongdan Jiaonang) fortifying and revitalizing liver means

Product description:Effect of the drug:eliminates heat, reduces inflammation,It calms the liver,hepa..


Anti-inflammatory granules "Yuypinfen" (Yupingfeng Keli)

Product description:Effect of the drug:antibacterial,antiviral,inflammatory,antihistamine,It strengt..


Antibacterial ointment "Tyanfuzhen Tsaoben" (Tianfuren Caoben Rugao)

Product description:Effect of the drug: it destroys Staphylococcus aureus, candida white (mold fungu..


Antibacterial spray for the mouth "Ruisyan Qingguo Yijun" (Qing Guo)

Description of the preparation:Indications for use:It is used for the destruction of bacteria, disin..


Antirheumatic patch "Shangshi Zhitong" (Shangshi Zhitong Gao)

Product description:Indications for use:strong antirheumatic,analgesic,stimulating blood circulation..


Capsules "Cordyceps" Peyyuan (Cordyceps Mycelium Capsule)

Product description:Effect of the drug:highly effective immune regulation. It increases our body's a..


Capsules "Fufaev Dandong" (Fufang Dantong Jiaonang) for the treatment of cholecystitis

Product description:Effect of the drug:eliminates heat,It stimulates the production of bile,relieves..


Capsules "Jie Jie Le" (Jie Jie Le) from arthrosis

Product description:Effect of the drug: increases bone density.Indications for use:middle-aged and e..


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