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Buy diuretic pills "Shibawei" from China

Chapter: Tibetan Medicineappointment:Kidney. Renal Therapyurinary systemPackage: 24 piecesDescriptio..


Buy Tibetan medicine "Shivei Shoshen San" from China - impotence, renal failure

Chapter: Tibetan MedicinePackage: 10 bags 1.2grDescription:Tibetan medicine "Shivei Shoshen Sanh" - ..


Buy Tibetan metformin pills from China - for lung treatment

Chapter: Tibetan Medicineappointment:respiratory organPackage: 40 piecesDescription:Permian Pills - ..


Buy Tibetan pill "Shivei Heipingbyan" from China - for the treatment of gallbladder and stomach

Chapter: Tibetan Medicineappointment:gastrointestinal tractPackage: 12 piecesDescription:Tibetan pil..


Buy Tibetan pills for women from China

Chapter: Tibetan Medicineappointment:Female diseasesPackage: 60 piecesDescription:Tibetan Women's Pi..


Coral pills "25 ingredients" (Ershiwuwei Shanhu Wan)

Product description:Indications for use:a revitalizing agentas an analgesic,rave,paralysis,senile de..


Pearl pills "25 ingredients" (Ershiwuwei Zhenzhu Wan)

Product description:Indications for use:as a sedative, revitalizing agentapoplexy (stroke),hemiplegi..


Pills to calm the spirit "Anshen Wan" (Anshen wan)

Product description:Effect of the drug:nourishing the heart,antirheumatic,sedative.Indications for u..


Restorative pill for lung "Hueyshen Ganluo Wan" (Huisheng Ganlu wan)

Product description:Effect of the drug:It reinforces the Yin,It nourishes the lungs,protivognoynoe,a..


Tibetan pills "Ershiuvey Sonshi Wan" (Ershiwuwei Songshi Wan) for the treatment of liver cirrhosis and hepatitis

Product description:Effect of the drug:eliminates heat,neutralizes toxins,It normalizes the liver,It..


Tibetan pills "Wang Shiwei Doukou" (Shiwei Doukou Wan) for the output of kidney stones

Product description:Effect of the drug:tones the kidneys,displays stones from the kidney.Indications..


Tibetan pills cough "Shiuvey Ludanhua wan" (Shiwuwei Longdanhua Wan)

Product description:Effect of the drug:cleansing from heat and moistening lung,quenching cough and s..


Tibetan pills for joints "Ershiuvey Lyuysyue Wan" (Ershiwuwei Lvxue wan)

Product description:Effect of the drug:inflammatory,anti,analgesic,improves microcirculation,restore..


Tibetan pills for the treatment of gallbladder "Shiwei Heybinpyan" (Shiwei Heibingpian Wan)

Product description:Effect of the drug:relieve pain and discomfort in the stomach,It helps digestion..


Tibetan pills from the flu "Liugan Van" (Liugan wan)

Product description:Effect of the drug:cleaning of the heat,neutralization of poison.Indications for..


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