• Pills "Tsitszyuy Dihuan Wan" (Qiju Dihuang Wan) for the treatment of eye

Pills "Tsitszyuy Dihuan Wan" (Qiju Dihuang Wan) for the treatment of eye

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Product description:

Effect of the drug:

It nourishes and protects the liver,

improves metabolic processes associated with the eye, the cornea improves function

boosts immunity

It slows the aging process of the body,

It lowers the level of blood lipids,

It lowers blood pressure,

prevents the development of atherosclerosis and diseases of the cardiovascular system and the kidneys,

It possesses anti-inflammatory action.

Indications for use:



residual effects after inflammatory diseases of the eye,

eye fatigue and svetofobiya,

inflammation of the optic nerve papilla,

senile cataract,

early stage of age-related macular degeneration,

atrophy of the optic nerve,



the effects of a concussion,




Ingredients: dried ripe fruit wolfberry, chrysanthemum flower, foxglove root tenderized, dёren ​​drug (treated), peony tree bark, rhizome discoria China, Fuling mushroom, dried rhizomes alisma.

Mode of application:

for oral administration,

30 minutes before or 1 hour after meal with warm boiled water for 8 balls 3 times a day.

Contraindications: not identified.

Side effects: not identified.

Storage: Store in a tightly closed container.


Children and young people should first be examined by a doctor.

When the cold-type failure of the spleen and stomach, poor and loose stools with caution.

If 3 weeks after the beginning of the reception of the drug does not get better, you should seek medical advice.

Strictly adhere to the method of application and the dosage of the drug.

It is not recommended to use in case of hypersensitivity to the drug. When an allergic constitution with caution.

If you change the characteristics of the product immediately stop using.

Children take only under medical guidance.

Keep it out of reach of children.

If necessary, the simultaneous use of other drugs with pre-consult with your doctor or pharmacist.

When used together with other drugs may cause reaction. For more information, please contact your doctor or pharmacist.

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Pills "Tsitszyuy Dihuan Wan" (Qiju Dihuang Wan) - preparation of traditional Chinese medicine.

This famous recipe of traditional Chinese medicine is a medical treatise in the multi-volume "Qi Bao Jian Ji", compiled during the reign of the Qing Dynasty (1644).

Action from the perspective of TCM: Nourishes Liver and Kidney yin. Eliminates empty Heat in Liver and improves visual acuity. It is used in cases when on a blank heat in the liver there are diseases of the eye.

Symptoms: redness, dryness and pain in the eyes, blurred vision and weakening, photophobia, tearing in the wind, dizziness, hearing loss and tinnitus, night sweats, hot flashes afternoon, burning sensation in the palms and soles of the feet. Tongue red, flying little or it is absent. Pulse thinnest part.

"Tsitszyuy Dihuan Wan" (Qiju Dihuang Wan) is derived from the "Six herbs / LUVE Dihuan Wan» (Liuwei Dihuan Wan) and tones the Liver and Kidney yin, enlightens the eyes and improve vision. Compared with the "Six herbs / LUVE Dihuan Wan» (Liuwei Dihuan Wan) this formula is more nourishing liver and strengthens the eyes. The main clinical indication of this formula - it is visual disturbances caused by the deficiency of Liver and Kidney yin.

Dosage form: every 8 capsules contain 3 g of medicinal components.

Description: Concentrated capsule with the contents of brown to black-brown in color, have a sweet-sour taste.

Shelf life: 60 months.

The current standard: Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010

ratification Number: Medical License Z410211905.

Producer: "Henan Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company Vansi" China province. Henan Xixia County, Zhongjing Avenue.

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