• Pills "Golden Chest / Gui Fu Di Huang Wan" (Guifu Dihuang Wan)

Pills "Golden Chest / Gui Fu Di Huang Wan" (Guifu Dihuang Wan)

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Product description:

Effect of the drug:





lowers blood pressure and blood sugar and blood lipids,

slows the aging process in the body,

It promotes the production of interferon,

It strengthens the immune system,

improves the physiological function,

It supports normal metabolism.

Indications for use:

osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, sciatica;

nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, weakening of potency weak erection;

male infertility caused by oligospermia, low sperm activity, gynecomastia in men, infertility in women, decreased sexual desire;

enuresis, senile urinary incontinence;

decrease in hearing and vision, tinnitus, memory loss, hair loss, chronic inflammation of the urinary tract;

prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis;

senile vaginitis, leucorrhoea copious white women;

diabetes mellitus type II;

occlusive disease, atherosclerosis;

atrophy of the auditory nerve;

Chronical bronchitis.

Ingredients: treated Rehmanniae root, dogwood fruit, Dioscorea rhizome, rhizome alisma rhizome, Poria, bark, peony root Moudania branch of Cinnamomum branch treated lateral root of aconite.

Dosage: taken orally, 30 minutes before meals, washed down with warm boiled water, 8 balls, 3 times a day, or on doctor's orders.


idiosyncrasy components of dietary supplements,



Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place in tightly closed containers.


it is recommended to consult a doctor before using dietary supplements.

People with insufficient Kidney yin and rising up Fire-type Failure to take under the supervision of a physician.

During acute respiratory diseases take under strict medical supervision.

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Pills "Golden Chest / Gui Fu Di Huang Wan" (Guifu Dihuang Wan) - known classic means of ancient Chinese medicine, which has been successfully used over 2 millennia.

Pills "Golden Chest / Gui Fu Di Huang Wan" have a pronounced therapeutic - preventive action, it is made from natural plant ingredients, using modern technologies.

Currently, this tool is used as a fortifying agent, prescribed to people middle-aged and older for toning and warming Yang - kidney energy, as well as young people who have identified a lack of Yang - kidney energy.

Action from the perspective of TCM: Warms the Kidneys. Strengthens the Kidney Yang. It normalizes the genitourinary system, improves sexual function. It slows down the aging process.

Symptoms "bursting" pain, feet and knees, fear of cold, cramps in the abdomen and the cold, cold in the lower half of the body, difficulty or frequent urination (urine colorless transparent), fatigue. Language pale with a large white bloom. Pulse deep thin rare.

Course duration: 20-30 days.

To achieve a stable result it is necessary to spend 3-4 courses.

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