• Flutamide tablets (Shuangyi) suitable for prostate cancer

Flutamide tablets (Shuangyi) suitable for prostate cancer

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Drug name]            Generic name: flutamide tablets            Trade name: flutamide tablets (Shuangyi)            Flutamide tablets            Full pinyin code: futaanpian (Sichuan Yi)            [main ingredient] flutamide.            [ingredients]            Chemical name: 2-dimethyl-n - [4-nitro-3 - (trifluoromethyl) phenyl] Propionamide            Molecular weight: c11h11f3n2o3            [character] the product is light yellow.            [indication / function indications] it is suitable for prostate cancer, and can be effective for patients with initial treatment and retreatment.            [specification and model] 0.25g * 10s * 2 plate (Shuangyi)            [usage and dosage] one tablet per time, oral, three times a day.            [adverse reactions] male breast feminization, breast tenderness, sometimes accompanied by nipple discharge, can disappear if the dose is reduced or stopped. A few patients may have diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, increased appetite, insomnia and fatigue. There were rare cases of decreased libido, transient liver dysfunction and decreased sperm count. The potential cardiovascular effect of this product is less than that of diethylstilbestrol.            [contraindications] it is forbidden for those allergic to this product.            [note] if you need to take this product for a long time, you should check the liver function and sperm count regularly. In case of any abnormality, you should reduce or stop taking the medicine, which can generally return to normal. * this product can increase testosterone and estradiol plasma concentration, and may cause fluid retention. It can be used alone or combined with LHRH agonist and chemotherapy drugs. It also has certain curative effect on benign prostatic hyperplasia. Please read the manual carefully and follow the doctor's advice.            [medication for children] is not clear.            [medication for elderly patients] is not clear.            [medication for pregnant and lactating women] is not clear.            Drug interactions are not clear.            [overdose] is not clear.            [pharmacology and toxicology] this product is a non steroidal androgen antagonist, competing with androgen for androgen receptor in tumor site, blocking cell uptake of androgen and inhibiting the binding of androgen with target organs. The protein binds to the receptor and binds to the cell nucleus.            [pharmacokinetics] animal experiments showed that after 3 weeks of administration, the weight of prostate and seminal vesicle in rats decreased, the prostate epithelial cells in dogs atrophied, and the serum acid phosphatase level was decreased. The highest concentrations were found in gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidney, and metabolites were mainly excreted in urine.            [storage] shading and sealing.            [packaging] aluminum plastic packaging, 10 pieces per plate, 2 plates per box            [validity period] 36 months            [executive standard] Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2005 Edition Volume 1            [approval No.] gyzz h10950220            [manufacturer] Shanghai Fudan Fuhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

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