• 3 boxes of The capsules of bear bile "Sёndan" (Xiongdan Jiaonang) fortifying and revitalizing liver means

3 boxes of The capsules of bear bile "Sёndan" (Xiongdan Jiaonang) fortifying and revitalizing liver means

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Product description:

Effect of the drug:

eliminates heat, reduces inflammation,

It calms the liver,


restores liver and gallbladder,

improves eyesight,

It stimulates the immune system,


It strengthens the body's resistance to infection and helps to recover from serious infectious diseases, fractures, burns,

neutralizes toxins and reduces the burden on the liver,

It slows the aging process.

Indications for use:

tic, convulsions,

a weakened immune system,

prevention and treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases (inflammation of the pharynx, tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.),

recovery of the body after a serious infectious disease, trauma and burns,

liver and gall bladder (hepatitis, cholestatic syndrome, cholecystitis, cholangitis, cholelithiasis, biliary dyskinesia, cholesterol polyps, degradation due to use of alcohol and other)

diseases of the stomach and intestines (gastritis, peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, enterocolitis, colitis, chronic pancreatitis)

prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system,

eye diseases.

Ingredients: powdered bear bile.

Mode of application:

for oral administration,

take 2 capsule three times a day.

Contraindications: not identified.

Side effects: not identified.

Storage: Keep in a tightly closed container.

Caution: is a drug.

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The capsules of bear bile "Sёndan" (Xiongdan Jiaonang) - a unique Chinese drug tonic, anti-inflammatory and revitalizing liver remedy.

In traditional Chinese medicine, bear bile is one of the four great medicines of animal origin and is known as a "drug gold". In the monograph "Peng Cao Gang Mu" ( "Compendium of drugs") stated: bear bile - taste bitter, the nature of cold, non-toxic, supports the liver, gall bladder, heart and nervous system, relieves fever, soothes the liver, improve eyesight, destroys parasites.

Today, bear bile is used in the treatment of diseases of the liver and gall bladder, stomach, inflammation, abscesses and ulcers on the body, diseases of the joints and as a de-worming agent.

The capsules of bear bile "Sёndan" a beneficial effect on the liver, as bear bile cures arisen against the background of Yin hyperactivity liver Yang Deficiency. The doctrine of the meridians explains that hyperactivity of liver yang meridians of the liver accompanied by a loss of stability, the rise of liver-fire, the loss of the body harmony. The main symptoms of this are dizziness, tinnitus, facial flushing, conjunctival hyperemia, heaviness in the head, weakness and aches in the lower back and knees, fatigue, impotence, etc. In addition, possible nervousness, irritability, loss of vision, and more.

Bear bile is a universal cholagogue contributing to thinning and bile cholestasis treatment, relieves spasms, neutralizes toxins, soothes the liver fire, stabilizes the meridians of the liver, contributing to its full restoration and normal functioning. The information contained in bear bile tauroursodezoksiholevaya acid protects the liver and gallbladder, neutralizes and removes toxins, has a therapeutic effect in viral hepatitis, cholestatic syndrome, fatty infiltration of the liver, due to the deterioration of alcohol, cholecystitis, gallstones, cholesterol polyps.

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is considered that the liver directly affects the operation state of the eye and vision. For example, fire and liver inflammation can lead to conjunctival hyperemia and eye irritation, liver blood deficiency can cause dryness and unpleasant sensation in the eye, night blindness, blurred vision, and more. Capsules "Sёndan" contribute to the treatment of eye diseases and improve visual acuity.

Bear bile is effective against various kinds of inflammation, the relevant concept of "heat" in traditional Chinese medicine. In accordance with its theory, the term "fire" includes symptoms such as fever, anxiety, dry mouth and throat, constipation, yellow urine and others. Bear bile relieves fever, cleanses the blood and neutralize toxins in the body, relieves spasms and teak, has a therapeutic effect in a plague epidemic fever syndrome and other diseases such as toxin-fever, ulcers, boils, epilepsy, convulsions.

Western doctors believe that "glow" - an inflammation, which is accompanied by redness, swelling, pain, fever. To remove the heat, it is necessary to destroy the infection, reduce inflammation, eliminate toxins. Experiments show that after infection of the respiratory system and microbial toxins, major change is the pathological inflammatory process. In acute tracheitis, bronchitis, bacterial pneumonia

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