• Buy Tongren Ansheng Pills from China

Buy Tongren Ansheng Pills from China

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Chapter: Traditional Chinese Medicine


Stress, depression, insomnia

Package: 10 pieces


Tongren Ansheng Pill - to treat stress and insomnia.

Ingredients: cucumber, licorice root, cooked root medicine, ephedra, azalea, dry Astragalus root, non-toxic Unabe (baking), dragon tooth, Fulin mushroom, cypress seed, dry Astragalus root, roasted licorice root, mercury sulfide.

Description: Brown and red tablets with strong bitter taste and sweet aftertaste.

Pharmacological function: recuperate and enrich the blood system, and relieve the nervous system. It is used to improve the vitality of the body, balance palpitations, help prevent insomnia and nightmares, and calm the mind when fatigue, stress and other experiences lead to nervous system fatigue.

Dosage: Each pill contains 6 grams of active substance.

Usage and dosage: Take orally before sleep. Take the pills twice a day.

Side effect: not found.

Contraindication: not found.

matters needing attention:

1. This medicine contains thiomercuric (cinnabar), so it should be taken with caution for patients with renal and liver failure.

2. Take the pills out of the shell before taking them; The pills can be chewed or divided into two parts and swallowed separately.

Storage method: sealed storage without damaging the sealing of the package.

Packaging: Each tablet is packaged with a plastic spherical shell. Each pill weighs 6 grams.

Shelf life: 60 months (5 years).

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