• Tiens Tianshi Multi-fiber Candy Regulation of Intestinal Upgrade Double Cellulose

Tiens Tianshi Multi-fiber Candy Regulation of Intestinal Upgrade Double Cellulose

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Please noted:
production date: on the bottom of the bottle
Shelf life:24months
Tiens Multi-fiber Candy Tablets are a source of both soluble and insoluble fibers that will help restore normal bowel movements and regularity. Living in the 21st century, your diet has become more and more refined with a reduced intake of vegetal cellulose, which may lead to a series of digestive disorders. 
Tiens carried out extensive research to produce this natural food supplement that relieves and prevents constipation and other chronic diseases associated with improper elimination of waste from the body. These chewable tablets are developed to stimulate intestinal movement and prevent constipation by supplying food fabric (one of the main human nutrients). When this product is taken in and comes into contact with water, it swells to make a soft bulky material that softens waste products, creating a large amount of soft matter. The volume of this matter produces pressure in the alimentary canal that helps the body ready itself to eliminate waste.
It prevents and combats haemorrhoids (piles), dysentery and bloody stools;
It decreases excessive absorption of cholesterol, thus, preventing coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis;
It helps prevent and check bacterial infection in the appendix;
It prevents appendicitis and gallstones;
It is effective in weight loss.
Who is Tiens  Multi-fiber Candy suitable for?
Those suffering with constipation;
Those wanting to maintain bowel regularity;
Those wanting to cleanse their intestines and neutralize certain toxic elements in the body. 
Ingredients: different malt sugar polyol ketone, maltodextrin, Isomaltooligosaccharide, apple fiber, crystalline fructose, jujube fiber, polydextrose, oat fiber, hawthorn powder, Hu powder
Specification: 1.3g*70tablets / bottle
Usage and dosage: should not exceed ten tablets per day, taking before meal chewing, and drinking water
Not suitable crowd: infants and young children.

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